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Studio Lobato offers a range of architectural and design services tailored to meet the unique needs of each project:

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Architecture Design

We specialize in creating architectural designs that harmonize with their surroundings, maximize functionality, and evoke a sense of beauty and purpose.

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Interior Design

Our interior design services focus on creating spaces that reflect the personality and vision of our clients while ensuring comfort, functionality, and aesthetic appeal.

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3D Visualization

Renderings and Virtual Models: We provide high-quality 3D visualizations that allow our clients to fully envision their projects,  experiencing the spaces before they come to life.

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Construction Administration

 From project management to on-site supervision, we oversee every aspect of construction, ensuring that the final result matches our design vision.

How we work?

Crafting Experiences with Authenticity

At Studio Lobato, our approach fuses spirit, trust, and discovery to craft unforgettable experiences. We're more than designers; we're storytellers, weaving narratives that transcend luxury hospitality. Our creations harmonize operational precision with a genuine sense of place, forging meaningful guest connections.

rom concept to realization, our services span master planning, building design, and interior design. We start from scratch, capturing each place's culture, history, and style to birth distinctive designs that feel welcoming and true.

Inspired by Locale, Crafted for Connection

Studio Lobato designs aren't mere spaces; they're invitations to connect. We begin every project with a fresh perspective, letting locale intricacies guide us. The result is authentic, immersive environments where guests feel at home, embraced by a tapestry of culture and narrative.

Crafting Beyond Boundaries

In Studio Lobato's world, we don't just design spaces; we sculpt experiences. Our creations reflect our passion for authenticity, the trust in our process, and the joy of shaping environments that inspire, connect, and elevate architecture an art form.

At Lobato Studio, we follow a collaborative and iterative design process that involves
our clients every step of the way. Our design process includes the following stages:

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1. Discovery Session:

Our creative journey begins with a Discovery Session where we meet with you to understand your unique vision, needs, and budget. During this phase, we collaborate closely to:

  • Establish a realistic project timeline.

  • Craft a comprehensive project brief that captures your requirements, expectations, and goals.

  • Curate design influences that resonate with your individual style.

  • Conduct a thorough site analysis, considering factors like location, size, topography, climate, and site-specific characteristics.

Goal: Develop a project summary and narrative, along with an initial design concept that shapes the spatial vision.

Deliverables: Preliminary drawings, sketches, diagrams, and informative materials.

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2. Schematic Design:

In the Schematic Design phase at Studio Lobato, we transform your vision into tangible architectural concepts. Here's what we aim to achieve:


  • Conceptualization: Collaboratively understand your vision, site context, and functional needs.

  • 3D Visualization: Create immersive 3D models and floor plans for visualizing the project's form and layout.

  • Feedback Loop: Foster a dynamic exchange of ideas through client collaboration.


  • Preliminary floor plans showcasing layout and spatial arrangement.

  • 3D models and visualizations for a comprehensive project preview.

  • Initial design concepts reflecting your vision and feedback.

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3. Design Development:


  • Detailed Refinement: Transform preliminary concepts into a refined architectural design.

  • Functional Clarity: Enhance spatial organization and functionality.

  • Material Selection: Identify and specify materials and finishes that align with the vision.

  • Comprehensive Design: Develop detailed floor plans, elevations, and sections to communicate the design's intricacies.


  • Comprehensive floor plans with refined spatial layouts.

  • Detailed building sections depicting vertical relationships and ceiling heights.

  • Building elevations outlining exterior facades, window designs, and other features.

  • Material and finish specifications for a cohesive aesthetic.

  • 3D visualizations showcasing the evolved design.

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4. Construction Documentation:

We prepare detailed construction drawings and specifications to ensure that the project
is built to the highest standards. Detailed construction drawings and specifications


  1. Site Plan:

    • An overview of the project's location on the site, including property boundaries, access points, landscaping, and site-specific features.

  2. Site Analysis:

    • A detailed analysis of the site, including topography, soil conditions, climate considerations, and any potential environmental impact assessments.

  3. Master Plan:

    • A comprehensive plan outlining the entire project, including various phases, if applicable.

  4. Floor Plans:

    • Detailed plans for each floor of the building, indicating the layout of rooms, spaces, dimensions, and use of each area.

  5. Elevations:

    • Drawings illustrating the building's external views from all sides, showing the exterior design elements and materials.

  6. Sections:

    • Cross-sectional views of the building, illustrating how the various components come together, including structural details.

  7. Reflected Ceiling Plans:

    • Detailed plans illustrating the arrangement of lights, fixtures, and ceiling elements to ensure proper lighting and aesthetics.

  8. Toilet Assembly and Sanitary Schedule:

    • Specifications and schedules for bathroom fixtures, including toilets, sinks, showers, and accessories, ensuring functionality and aesthetics.

  9. Electrical Plan and Schedule:

    • Detailed electrical layouts and specifications, including lighting, outlets, switches, and the overall electrical system.

  10. Mechanical and HVAC Plans:

    • Detailed plans for the mechanical, heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems, ensuring comfort and energy efficiency.

  11. Door & Window Schedule:

    • A comprehensive schedule outlining specifications for doors and windows, including materials, dimensions, and security features.

  12. Structural Plans and Details:

    • Plans and details showing the structural components of the building, including foundations, beams, columns, and load-bearing walls.

  13. Landscaping and Exterior Plans:

    • Plans for exterior landscaping, hardscaping, and outdoor amenities, such as pools, gardens, and recreational areas.

  14. Staircase Assembly Plans:

    • Detailed plans for staircases, showcasing the fusion of functionality and design aesthetics.

  15. Roofing and Waterproofing Plans:

    • Plans and details related to roofing materials, drainage systems, and waterproofing to protect the building from the elements.

  16. Furniture  Schedule:

    • A schedule of furniture.

  17. Material Schedules:

    • A comprehensive schedule of materials, including specifications, quantities, and sources for various elements of the project.

  18. Renderings:

    • High-quality, photorealistic 3D renderings of the project, providing visual representations of the design concept.

  19. Cost Estimates and Budget:

    • Detailed cost estimates for construction and a budget plan to manage project expenses.

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We understand that each project is unique, and we are excited to learn more about yours. Whether you have a residential, commercial, or institutional project in mind, we invite you to share your vision with us. By providing us with some initial details, we can start the conversation and provide you with a project quote tailored to your specific needs.

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We appreciate your willingness to share these details with us. The more information you provide, the better equipped we will be to develop a design solution that aligns with your vision and objectives. Once we receive your project information, we will reach out to you promptly to discuss the next steps and provide a tailored proposal for your consideration.

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