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At Studio Lobato, our mission is to uncover distinctive and sustainable solutions for your architectural needs, emphasizing functionality and sustainability to positively impact our planet.

Sustainability Expertise
Our expertise in Passive Design, drives us to achieve bioclimatic architecture, generating on-site energy and
water collection.

Embracing Nature
We seamlessly merge architecture with nature, incorporating siteorientation, wind flows, and sun paths to create spaces thatcelebrate the outdoors and invite natural beauty inside.

Balinese Culture and Modernity
Our designs pay homage to Balinese culture while embracinginnovation, bridging tradition and modernity for a vibrant future.

Nurturing Wellness
We prioritize wellness, orchestrating every element to promoteserenity and holistic well-being, enriching the lives of those whoinhabit our spaces.

Full-Service Approach
Our in-house team of experts transforms your vision into reality,offering project management skills for ConstructionAdministration. Collaborating with seasoned professionals, wecraft luxury residential projects with precision and excellence.



Adriana Lobato's journey in architecture began with a childhood surrounded by art and nature. Her diverse background in plastic arts, interior design, and architecture, combined with her travels around the world, have shaped her unique artistic perspective. After settling in Asia and gaining nine years of experience in construction, Adriana established Studio Lobato, driven by her goal to improve people's lives through meaningful and sustainable designs.Located between Singapore and Uluwatu, Studio Lobato has grown into a comprehensive design practice that prioritizes developing one-of-a-kind, practical, and eco-friendly environments. Our studio believes that people make places and places make people, and we strive to create spaces that foster a sense of well-being, connection, and harmony with nature.

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