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Unmasked: Architecture's Work Culture - Noble Calling or Exploitative Trap?

In the realm of architecture, a profession often romanticized as a pursuit of passion and commitment, a darker truth lurks beneath the surface – a reality of exploitative labor practices that have cast a shadow for years.

Reflecting on a Decade in Architecture Studios: Now we have to pave the path for positive change.

As I look back on my journey of 10 years within the realm of architecture studios, I'm compelled to share the highs, the challenges, and a profound realization that has ignited a spark for transformation. My experience in staring Studio Lobato has been a turning point, prompting me to challenge an industry norm that has perpetuated a culture of exploitation and sacrifice.

From the outset, my passion for architecture burned bright. I poured my heart and soul into every project, fueled by the desire to create spaces that inspire and uplift. Yet, amidst the pursuit of excellence, I encountered a disheartening reality – an environment that not only questioned my capabilities but demanded the forfeiture of my personal life in the name of dedication.

Days blurred into nights as the clock ticked well past midnight, a routine normalized by the belief that creativity thrived within these grueling hours. The pressure to conform to a 9-to-9 work culture and beyond weighed heavily, leaving little room for self-care and personal growth. I faced the harsh reality of being labeled "not good enough" and was challenged to prove my commitment by sacrificing my well-being.

This experience prompted a shift within me. It dawned on me that this cycle of burnout, mental strain, and neglect of personal life was not the path to genuine excellence. It was, in fact, a form of abuse that many architecture studios inadvertently perpetuate. With this realization, a fire was ignited within me to drive change, to raise consciousness about the toxicity of such practices, and to advocate for a more humane and balanced approach.

Studio Lobato stands as a testament to this change. Our mission is clear – to dismantle the myths that bind us to an unhealthy work culture and pave the way for a new era of respect, well-being, and creativity. Together, we are forging a path where design brilliance thrives not at the expense of our mental and physical health, but in harmony with our personal lives and collective growth.

Let's spark a conversation and challenge the status quo. It's time to reshape the narrative, to advocate for an architecture industry that honors its professionals, cherishes their well-being, and celebrates their diverse talents. Join me on this transformative journey as we carve out a brighter future for all.

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